Preservation Meets Paradise – Edwina von Gal featured in the Wall Street Journal

When celebrated garden designer Edwina von Gal journeyed to the dry forests of Panama, she found an idyllic spot for an off-the-grid home—and an outlet for her lifelong passion for sustaining landscapes

AEP Co-Founder and President, Edwina von Gal is featured in this weekend’s Wall Street Journal Magazine. Preservation Meets Paradise, by Edward Helmore discusses Edwina’s passion for natural landscapes and how she has translated this into her life’s work.

The article mentions the Azuero Earth Project and its mission of preserving the dry forest ecosystem:  “Their goal is mapping and finding new ways to protect plant and animal species in the dry forest. Some programs use satellite imaging to compare tracts of forest and detect changes in soil and vegetation; some involve fieldwork (her team recently traveled deep into the Cerro Hoya, setting cameras to monitor the movement of ocelots and puma); some are educational, such as creating a local network to test new seed varieties and organic-farming methods.”

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