AEP Celebrates Earth Day with community in the Pablo Arturo Barrios Wildlife Refuge

On April 22, 2012, AEP celebrated Earth Day in the Pablo Arturo Barrios Wildlife Refuge.

Activities during the day included:

  • music by a Pedasi tamborito group called Remembranzas,
  • boat rides showing community members the extent of the Refuge,
  • painting of the first community sign informing visitors of the Refuge’s existence,
  • a beach trash collection contest,
  • a youth art contest to design a logo for the Refuge,
  • community signing of a letter requesting co-management of the Refuge with ANAM
  • speeches by local ANAM officials, the Pedasi vice-mayor, AEP staff and members of the Barrios family
  • a display highlighting the results of a study by 3 McGill students about current practices and effective management the Pablo Arturo Barrios Wildlife Refuge

More than 100 people showed up to celebrate the existence and importance of the Pablo Arturo Barrios Wildlife Refuge, a national protected area that consists of more than 15 ha bordering Purio River in the North, Isla Iguana in the East, Punta Mala in the South, and Purio, Mariabé and Pedasí townships in the West. This event was organized by the Azuero Earth Project, the family of Pablo Arturo Barrios, McGill University’s study abroad program, the Pedasi Cooperative and ANAM (Panama’s National Environmental Authority). We hope everyone had a lovely Earth Day and we look forward to seeing you next year!

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