AEP Attends Yale’s International Society of Tropical Foresters Annual Conference

From January 26th-28th, Edwina von Gal, AEP President, and Ruth Metzel, AEP Program Director, attended the Yale ITSF 2012 Conference on Strategies for Landscape-scale Restoration in the Tropics. From private-sector timber initiatives in Costa Rica and Panama to landscape level regeneration initiatives in Brazil and Colombia, the conference speakers provided AEP with a host of inspirational ideas to fuel our programming. The conference attendees explored questions such as: “How should reforestation be financed?” “Which areas in a landscape have the highest potential to reforest?” and, “How do individual perceptions of home and landscape influence our affinity towards reforestation?” The ideas generated during this meeting will continue to inform and guide AEP to create successful programming in 2012.

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