AEP Announces Regional Map of Azuero

The Azuero Earth Project is proud to announce that the AEP Regional Map of Azuero is now available! This comprehensive, bilingual map includes extraordinary detail of the Peninsula including local roads, protected areas, and points of interest.

The map was created using data collected through the AEP Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Mapping Initiative which has partnered with scientists, students, and volunteers to create an immense database of ecological and sociological information specific to the Azuero Peninsula.

This truly is the Azuero map for every need – from planning an Azuero vacation, to finding the nearest hospital, recycling center, gas station, and tree nursery, to teaching local children about the value of their surroundings. Our unique map makes the perfect souvenir to remember the breathtaking beaches, abundant sea life, rolling hills, farmland, forests, and picturesque towns of Azuero.

To purchase the map, contact us, come to our office in Pedasi, or purchase it at locations listed on website.

Special thanks go to Guillermo Duran, AEP GIS Administrator and the designers at Topos Graphics for their work on this project.

Coming soon! Visit us again to access the map electronically on our website.

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