The Azuero Spider Monkey, CHARRITO

Mono araña de Azuero, CHARRITOThe Azuero Spider Monkey, CHARRITO (Ateles geoffroyi azuerensis), is our indicator subspecies and guiding symbol because it is a vitally important but critically endangered species in the Azuero dry forest ecosystem. The few that remain on the planet live only on the Azuero. They are victims of rapidly decreasing habitat, hunting, and capture for the pet trade. They are particularly smart and cute, but also shy, which may be why they have managed to hold on this long. However, the loss of habitat and shrinking gene pool may be more than they can manage. We are working to stop the killing and capture of Spider monkeys, and all monkeys, and provide them with sufficient habitat to ensure their future.

Sandra Vásquez de Zambrano, Executive Director

Sandra Vásquez de ZambranoSandra Vásquez de Zambrano, Salvadoran by birth, currently resides in Las Tablas with her husband and two children. She has a psychology and business administration degree. Sandra has more than 15 years of executive experience in human resources management, business opening, marketing strategies, project execution, among many others. She founded Search Inc., a recruitment and selection firm at the management level, in Panama and Honduras, developing it into one of the most important firms in the region. She has had the opportunity to work in several Central American countries. She started at Pro Eco Azuero Foundation as a volunteer. She, then, worked as Program Manager where she led projects such as forming an Eco Crafts association, leading Social Innovation workshops and coordinating many community outreach events. Sandra was promoted to Executive Director in January of 2020. Sandra is part of the workforce of the 20×20 Initiative, a member of the IUCN Education and Communications Committee, certified in Syntropic Agriculture and a member of ISTF (International Society of Tropical Foresters). She has led several conferences in Panama and recently at YALE during the ISTF conference. Sandra has also had the opportunity to attend a Geoff Lawton Permaculture course. Furthermore, she is the founder of Festarte Las Tablas, the first festival of art, culture and gastronomy in the region, which began in 2016. For Sandra, the most important thing is her family, leaving them a better world which fuels her passion for her work, empowering communities and observing how one can make a profound impact with almost nothing. You can contact her at

Milagros Castillo, Program Assistant

Milagros CastilloMilagros is born and grows in the city of Chitré, where he does his primary and secondary studies. He graduated with a degree in Marketing and International Commerce from the Technological University of Panama, based in Azuero; He has a Master in Commercial Management and Marketing, which was carried out in Spain. He participated in volunteer teams inside and outside of Panama. Nature lover, promotes its conservation and care. He loves to travel and meet other cultures, read and be on the beach.

Jesús A. Batista, Reforestation Assistant

Jesús A. BatistaHe was born on April 4, 1991. He attended primary and secondary education in the province of Los Santos; He is a qualified technician from the National University of Panama. He is currently studying for a degree in Environmental Sanitation at the Technological University of Panama with Azuero headquarters. Participates in the Azuero Eco Foundation in the area of nurseries, reforestation and monitoring of seedlings. reforestació