This database provides detailed information on plant species appropriate for planting in the Azuero Peninsula, including for reforestation, live fences, and medicinal uses. Plants can be searched by name or characteristic, and can be browsed alphabetically. For more information about the methods and resources used to create this database please click this this link.

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herbaceous plant Ageratum spp.
tree Albizia adinocephala

frijolillo, guábilo, cream albizia

tree Anacardium excelsum

espavé, jabillo, cornezuelo

tree Anacardium occidentale

marañon nacional, cashew

tree Andira inermis

harino, quira, almendro de río, cabbagebark tree

tree Annona muricata

guanabana, soursop, graviola

tree Annona purpurea


tree Apeiba tibourbou

cortezo, peine de mico

herbaceous plant Arachis pintoi

maní forrajero, pinto peanut

herbaceous plant Asclepias curassavica
tropical milkweed
palm Astrocaryum alatum


tree Astronium graveolens

zorro, ron-ron, tigrillo, cucaracho, glassywood

palm Attalea butyracea

palma real, corozo, coyol real, yagua, palma de cuesco

palm Attalea cohune
corozo, cohune
tree Avicennia bicolor

mangle salado, palo de sal, mangrove

tree Avicennia germinans

mangle negro, mangle salado, black mangrove

tree Azadirachta indica

nim, neem

palm Bactris gasipaes
pixbae, chonta, peach palm, pejibaye
shrub Bauhinia ungulata

pezuña de vaca, pata de vaca

shrub Bixa orellana


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